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What Is A Mute Mahjong Machine?
Jan 10, 2018

A lot of friends of Ma has had such a feeling, when playing mahjong playing in full swing, there was a knock at the door that the sound too big effect to the rest of the others; a mahjong can affect the upper and lower left several households; sometimes because playing mahjong too loud and affect the elderly, children to rest in the card room; the sound more noisy, in the cafe, restaurant, hotel room if the sound insulation effect is not very good, mahjong machine noise affect around; what is more noise mahjong mahjong the mood.

So the mute mahjong is born in this way, from the root of the solution of the noise to the amusement of the trouble. Change to a relaxed and comfortable environment for the entertainers.

Through research and modification, we have thoroughly solved the noise interference of mahjong machine's internal structure, the design of high quality core accessories, the design of ultra-low tone noise reduction, thickening flannel, main motor, mute hood, large disk noise elimination, etc.

In the market, mute mahjong machine has gradually come to the fore. Many brand manufacturers are also competing for research and development, and believe that it will be more perfect in the near future.

When consumers choose mahjong machines, consumers should not only pay attention to the effect of silence, but also ignore other functions and other hardware quality of mahjong machines.

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