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What Are The Styles Of The Fully Automatic Mahjong Machine?
Jul 21, 2018

The main unit is the core part of the automatic mahjong machine. At the same time, because the dealers want to make their products different from others to avoid homogenization, and also to suit different consumers' tastes, they often choose different bases and frames. In order to make the appearance of the mahjong machine different style. The base has a one-legged, tiger stool, four legs, depending on the price of the material, there are different selling prices. The movement has a plastic, copper wheel. There is also a voice function. In fact, it is the same! The main thing is to look at the motor and plastic materials used inside! There are also motherboards.

Some suggestions for consumers:

The key is to see the movement, plastic and copper wheels are no different, but the latter is coated with copper. Of course, the outer frame is the strongest solid wood. But come according to your own needs. Some stores sell fakes. Don't be superstitious about the instructions. The key is that there are marks on the movement. Automatic Mahjong Table Selection Guide

As a high-end entertainment product, the fully automatic mahjong table has entered people's lives because of its comfort, health and fairness. Many hotels and hotels have regarded it as a necessary supporting project. Due to the complexity of the brand in the market, the variety of prices, and the quality of the products, it is difficult for most consumers to choose.