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The Trend Of Automatic Mahjong Machines
Jul 12, 2018

First of all, the mahjong machine is lighter and thinner. Like mobile TV, technology products are moving toward a lightweight road, which is due to the improvement of technology and to meet the needs of consumers. The previous big mahjong machine was not conducive to transportation and moving, and it was cumbersome and thick, which caused a lot of inconvenience, and the light and thin not only made the machine easy to move, but also the space underneath. Our company has seen this trend and independently developed the thinnest national mahjong machine on the market, and the weight has been reduced a lot. It will be lighter and thinner in the future.

Second, pay more attention to safety. People pay more and more attention to safety and their requirements are getting higher and higher. In the past, the mahjong machine had many drawbacks, the error rate was high, and even the danger of pinching the hand. The material selection was also an extremely cheap low-end material with heavy taste and poor quality. Therefore, in the future, ABS environmentally-friendly materials with high strength and toughness will be fully adopted; high-quality paints such as non-toxic and odorless water-soluble paints will be selected to ensure no pollution and no pollution; the machine current is more stable, the deviation is reduced, and there is no danger of electric shock; The materials are also absolutely free of substances harmful to the human body - the manufacture of safer machines is a general trend.

Furthermore, embedded mahjong machines are more popular. With the increasing popularity of mahjong machines, the high prices have long since ceased, and the family market has risen strongly. If the mahjong machine is moved into the family, it must be coordinated with the family layout style, and it should not be too occupied. Therefore, gradually weaken the sense of violation of the mahjong machine and other furniture, carefully create the appearance of the mahjong machine coordinated with the surrounding layout, so that when the mahjong machine is not in use, it does not feel its existence, and even plays a role in icing on the cake.

Finally, the products are more intelligent and more versatile. If the mahjong machine is limited to entertainment functions, it will be very monotonous. If more functions are developed, such as air purification and video games, it will be more conducive to the mahjong machine to stand on the market and improve competitiveness. At present, we have focused on research and development.