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Simple Fault Repair Of Automatic Mahjong Machine
Jul 12, 2018

1.the power situation. First check the power supply to see if the plug is loose, the contact between the switch and other places is not working properly.

2.Check the lifting button operation panel. First try to remove all the cards in the track; the plug under the operation panel is loose, the contact is poor; check whether the operation panel and the motherboard plug are loose; check the 07 part of the lift motor and the screw, light control, switch.

3.The operation panel is not lifted smoothly. The mechanical part of the lifting assembly has friction; the operating panel lifting button is too dirty; the distance of the light control installation is not in place or loose or damaged.

4.When there is no push action.

The photoelectric sensor S1 on part 01 is grounded, damaged, dirty or blocked by foreign matter; the sensitivity is too low, the variable resistance of the S1 part is adjusted to make it normal; the position of the track and the pusher is checked; the card is dirty; check and All electromechanical components related to section 01, all plugs are loose or broken; check motor or capacitor for damage.

5.Some cards have a card phenomenon. Check the position of the assembly and the mounting position of the S1 photoelectric sensor

6.The chain motor keeps turning. Check whether the sensors S5 and S4 are in the correct position, whether they are damaged or blocked by foreign objects. When the 4 cards are properly handled, the chain will keep turning. Check whether the position of the photoelectric sensor S4 is correct, whether it is damaged or blocked by foreign objects. Check that the white plastic on the chain rod is in the correct position and that the surface is free of oil and dirt.

7.The situation that the market does not turn. Check if the position of the photoelectric sensor S6 is correct and there is no obstruction of debris.