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Playing Mahjong To Prevent Dementia?
Jun 23, 2018

In 2004, a research project was conducted by Hong Kong Renji Hospital and Lingnan University. The researchers divided 100 patients with Alzheimer's disease into two groups. The first group played 4 mahjong games 4 times a week while the other group The group played mahjong twice a week. Five months later, the researchers tested the patient's thinking and memory skills. They found that the group of patients who played mahjong for a long time had much better thinking, memory, and reaction speed than those who played mahjong twice a week. This is the first study of the relationship between mahjong and Chinese dementia in the global medical community.


The role of playing mahjong in the prevention of Alzheimer's disease and delaying its progress has been recognized by the academic community and has even been written into the guidelines for the prevention and treatment of the disease in some regions. However, it should be noted that, first of all, do not “pay for money”. This may result in excessive stress and excitement. Another aspect is the need to pay attention to control over time. In addition to total body activity, you should move your fingers as much as possible.