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Mahjong's Eight Tips
Jul 21, 2018

1. Always see the situation and the situation in which you are in a position. If a card is a draw, if the card is good, it belongs to one (the last valid card can be heard), then there is no scruples, even if you shoot the gun; If the board is not good, it is a little scruples.

2. Be careful with the principle of hitting cards. Do not touch the belly; you can touch the card that you can not touch, it is best not to touch, especially if the card is not good. You can't make a random check, you have to figure out which cards can touch, which ones can't touch, and you can't try your best.

3. Playing cards is a technical means in the actual combat of mahjong, but can the cards be done or not, and what kind of cards are in the form? In the early stage, the cards can be basically adjusted according to the posture. When making a card, you should make a card according to your own hand. What kind of card can you make? You can't make a card with your own wishes. As a result, you can't get it.

4. There should be invincible determination. In the battle, no matter how you play, you should use the card as the ultimate goal. Therefore, playing mahjong can not be afraid of losing, and there must be no determination to be discouraged and invincible. If you can technically go up to the next level and keep improving, then you will be able to handle it with ease.

5. If you want to play a bad card, you will stare at him. He must make a shot. Regardless of size. First, you can get someone else's card and you have a chance. Playing cards also depends on people. If the player has been playing well during this period, it is best not to play with the other party. Usually go to the card occasion to see the master playing cards, learning other people's skills, thinking.

6. When you get a raw card, you can choose to open the card. There is no need to play the card. This is also a more conservative approach, and of course the final result is not too embarrassing. On the mahjong table, you should not only look at your own cards, but also look at other people's cards. From the analysis of their expressions, you can judge the cards.

7. Playing mahjong from time to time is in a state of constant change. No distracting thoughts, no slack, no distraction, no luck, and solidly playing every card. Look for opportunities in your opponent's mistakes and turn defeat into victory.

8. Under normal circumstances, both birth and extinction are within the scope of the dangerous card. After entering the middle plate, release Zhang must be reviewed first. In particular, be wary of the two cards that are broken or broken. Most of these cards are cards that can be touched.