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Mahjong Machine Installation Steps
Mar 11, 2015

Position switch to [a position] at the factory, that is four standard 136 cards, play in front of Pier 17 per person.

If other types of play, please turn off the power, remove the press box, and support from the panel, turn the gear switch to the appropriate type of gear play, then press box cover panel.

Plug in the power cord (Note outlet must have the ground), the power switch, the switch indicator light, reset the indicator light; or alternately flashing lights appear banker, was last reset indicator light.

Press on the operator panel any one lift key panel door automatically rises, the first payment into the tiles, press the lift button, panel doors automatically closed,

At the same time the machine automatically starts shuffling. Reset indicator light that shuffle is complete, press the elevator button, the door is lifted into the second pay tiles, then lift the key, the panel door is closed while the first pay licensing rises, the game begins.

Craps: Press button dice dice will automatically jump, while making lights. When the dealer started Laozhuang, Lao light begins to show Laozhuang times, nine times the maximum display.