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Mahjong Machine Control System
Mar 11, 2015

1. Power switch: power on and off the mahjong table.

2. Fuse: when a short circuit or overload fuse sky protective effect

3, marked cards: company-specific safety signs.

4, the switch plate: switch mounting plate

5, S1 probe: commonly known as Count light control, light control cards probing.

6,01 Motor: also known as the stack push power Motors, 01 parts.

7, pushing the sign: transverse linear motor output stack push, push the folded card into orbit.

8, two light control: also known as S23, corresponding to the fan-shaped shading and square gobo light control components.

9, the reset switch in any working condition, pressing the reset switch, mahjong are stopped, release this switch in normal working condition, mahjong reset when the debug state, to maintain the original state. Note: does not affect Zuozhuang state.

10, pick up brand conveyor belt: flat belt conveyor licensing program settings and S6 stop light control and transmission control for pre-licensing conveying member.

11, S6 detectors: When connected to a belt plate full signal, delay control ring and stop shuffling disks and transportation tiles.