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Mahjong Born Overview
Mar 11, 2015

Mahjong oldest first invented by the Japanese, production, early nineties of the last century a small number of original imported from Japan to China, because China's market

Large, the Japanese to open plant in China for mass production of automatic mahjong single, entered a rapid development period and the formation of a huge industrial chain. The rise of the single-port machine mahjong machine industry to occupy the mainstream, mainly produced by Friends of bird, then four machines predominate. With the popularity of mahjong home market, the gradual trend of ultra-thin machine, to the country, led by a small number of official business after three years of market baptism and technological innovation, and have made great progress, thin machine has been widely recognized in the market . China now has as a leader in bird Friends (94 years began mahjong culture into China), to the country official, and declared as the main representative of the five hundred manufacturers, mainly gathered in the Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta area, Hangzhou Xiaoshan as mahjong distribution center to the national trend of divergence was; have MAK TWICE, mahjong trade, and other representatives of the media for a variety of industries.

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