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How To Install Automatic Mahjong Table
Aug 28, 2018

1. Install the host: For the host, first put the rack down and then install the power box. Follow the power cord on the rack. Then put the screws on the machine. This completes the first step of installation.

2. Power cord connection: Remove the power box of the mahjong machine, remove the side panel of the computer box, and follow the instructions to link the line head and switch input and output. Cover the side panels.

3, Horizontal adjustment mahjong table: For machine debugging, see if it is balanced.

4. Mounting structure frame: For the positioning holes on the machine, install the screws in order, and tighten the screws after the interface is docked. And connect four frames and press it on the table.

5, Then according to the factory stall switch set to [1 gear position], that is, four people standard 136 cards, 17 players in front of each play. .


◆When the remote automatic mahjong machine reset indicator is on, press any lift button to automatically raise and lower

◆When the remote automatic mahjong machine is shuffled normally, if you need to raise or lower the operation panel door, you must press the two lift buttons at the same time.