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How To Handle The Lifting Fault Of The Automatic Mahjong Machine
Apr 21, 2018

When the machine is working, press the lifting button to operate the plate, no lifting action

When the machine is working, the license plate indicator on the operation panel is in the off state. In this case, to raise the operation panel, two lifting buttons must be pressed at the same time.

The operation panel does not move smoothly

1. The mechanical part of the lifting assembly has friction;

2, operation panel lifting button bad;

3, HL installation is not in place or loose, poor quality;

4, check the lifting components of the implementation of components such as SCR and other components (Note: should be checked by electrical professionals).

Operation panel card indicator light, press the lifting key operation panel does not move, no rise action

1. The operator panel has a loose plug, broken plug, or poor contact;

2. Check whether the operation panel and the main control board are normal.

3, check the lifting assembly motor and HL switch.

The movement of the license plate on the lift assembly of the license plate is abnormal:

1. In the normal time, the four lifting and accepting boards of the on-board components work synchronously. If there is any work on the license plate, check whether the limit switch has been damaged;

2. If the board has been kept moving up and down, check whether the pressure plate of the limit switch has been pressed down to the limit switch.

3, if the contract board does not rise up, the position of the limit switch platen may be adjusted so that the limit switch is released after the board is fully raised;

4. If the board sinks less than the lowest position, it will cause a card. At this time, simply remove the board and check if the screw of the swing arm (small foot) is loose or detached, and the swing arm (small foot) is not deformed. .

During the work of the machine, press the two lifting buttons at the same time to make up the cards.

When the machine is in the state of normal card-pulling: When two lifting buttons are pressed at the same time, the lifting assembly, magnetic ring assembly, conveying assembly and electromechanical assembly should stop working. After the card is finished, only one lifting button is pressed. The lifting assembly is The magnetic coil assembly, the transport assembly, and the electromechanical assembly start working again. The magnetic coil assembly, conveying assembly, and electromechanical assembly are all stopped when there is a license, indicating that the main core board is damaged. Professionals should be inspected and replaced, and in order to avoid such problems, try to choose a better Mahjong machine when buying. Brand products.