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How To Fix Automatic Mahjong Table-Motor Failure
Oct 13, 2018

The motor is not working properly

1. The electromechanical component motor does not work: check if the S1 signal is too weak, and adjust the potentiometer on S1 to make it move;

2. The chain assembly motor is blocked: check whether the chain rod is stuck, and whether the S2 is normal. If the chain rod is stuck, the reverse button can be used to reverse the chain to eliminate the fault;

3. The reverse motor works abnormally: check whether the reverse button is good, whether the wire is cracked or off-line; change the control board or motor;

4. The motor does not turn: Check if the motor plug is in good contact and the wire is cracked. It is further judged that the operation of the single-measuring motor with 220V voltage can be externally connected. If the motor is running normally, the problem is mostly on the main control board. The main control board should be inspected by a professional.

The chain assembly motor keeps turning:

1. When the first card is properly handled, the chain assembly motor works to push the card to the next lifting plate, and the chain assembly motor stops working after the end. If the chain assembly motor keeps turning, check whether the positioning sensor S5 is defective or blocked by foreign matter;

2. When the four cards are properly handled, the motor of the chain assembly keeps turning, and the photoelectric sensor S4 should be checked for defects or blocked by foreign objects;

3. Check the surface of the plastic reflector of the chain rod for dirt and dirt. [Mahjong machine accessories Daquan>>]

Motor steering error

Poor capacitance or motor error. Generally, the motor of the mahjong machine brand product is better equipped with professional, so if the motor of the mahjong machine has problems, you should contact the manufacturer in time.

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