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How To Deal With Mahjong Machine Head Card?
Jul 22, 2017

Fault: head and stroke position adjusting conveying trough (between the general head retaining boards and conveying trough distance of mahjong diagonal 1 mm maximum), trough optocoupler performance is bad, long distance sensor (K1 photosensitive head light sensing distance of 4# is 10mm), motor gear damage, head stack license plate with rough. The nose gear plate adjustment and pushing plate position, the first class brand push slider is not flexible back in place, stainless steel pressure plate is too low.

“Treyo”, a sub-brand of Matsuoka Mechatronics (China) Co., Ltd., was founded in 1995. Located in Xiaoshan Economic and Technology Development District, Hangzhou City, the company is one of the largest full-automatic mahjong table manufacturers in the world.

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