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How To Choose An Automatic Mahjong Machine
Apr 14, 2018


At present, the automatic mahjong machine on the market is mainly made up of three parts: domestic, joint-venture and original imported. Japanese imported machine is reliable, but expensive. The appearance quality of the domestic machine is poor and the performance is unstable. Sino Japanese joint venture produces mature machines, large scale production and reliable quality.

Quality of spare parts

The automatic mahjong machine is a kind of product which is more complex than ordinary household appliances and entertainment products because of the integration of micro computer control, electrical control and mechanical transmission technology. And the machine itself has a large amount of work, so the quality of the parts is very high.

Do not blindly believe in low prices

The price of automatic mahjong machine is mainly determined by the scale of production, the quality of the whole machine, the quality of spare parts and the quality of after-sale service.

Appearance quality

At present, the appearance of products on the market is mainly made up of three kinds of wooden frame, wooden frame, plastic and plastic frame. The first two kinds of frames are relatively simple for manufacturers. The plastic frame produced by high strength engineering plastics has many advantages, such as not easy to damage and easy to fade.

After-sale service quality

Because the users who buy the full automatic mahjong machine, in addition to a few families, most of the hotels, hotels, chess and card rooms and other business places, whether it can provide after-sales service in time, whether there is enough technical support force, for the normal use of the automatic mahjong machine, whether it can take back the investment in time is crucial.

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