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How To Buy High-quality Automatic Mahjong Machine
Nov 20, 2017

The first step: to see the surface of the mahjong table

A good mahjong machine is more exquisite in appearance (such as the operation panel, table cloth, plastic frame, feet, etc. are very delicate material and thick).

The second step: look at the internal structure

Good internal structure of the machine assembly precision, strict seal between the joints after assembly, when moving by hand is not easy to be removed, and the material is smooth.

The third step: to see shuffling speed

Good mahjong machine (four machines) general shuffling time between 30-50 seconds, too fast or too slow are not good (can not stop on the operating table, according to the actual time). The speed is too fast; it is the manufacturer intends to speed up the motor speed, increase product selling point, in fact, the motor speed is easy to both failure and reduce service life. The opposite is too slow but also not a good machine; because the machine is too slow, after all, manufacturers stole the material from the magnet, the current price of large magnets, many manufacturers have done tricks on the magnet, the magnet in the automatic mahjong machine plays a very important Role.

In fact, the speed of significance with the mahjong table is not great, do not listen to those businesses nonsense, they will generally tell you that shuffling is a good machine. Play mahjong as soon as possible into the at least 3-5 minutes, as long as the good points within a point can fully meet the entertainment requirements.

Step four: see the overall configuration of the machine

Mahjong table is now basically the technology maturity, the key to the quality of the mahjong machine depends on the configuration of the machine, and now most of all machine parts mahjong machine parts are supplied by the supporting providers. Therefore, the allocation of matching mahjong machine prices vary considerably, then when you select the mahjong table to understand the configuration of mahjong machine is very important. The following brief introduction for your reference.

1, the motor configuration:

A four-machine has 14 motors, a good motor 3-4 10, a few dozen pieces of poor motor have. Currently the market is divided into two major categories of motors, one is a pure copper wire motor, the second is copper clad aluminum motor, but also in the middle of them to distinguish between levels, nor that as long as the copper motor is particularly good motor, copper Line motor is also hierarchical, copper motor is certainly better than the copper clad aluminum motor, which is an undeniable fact.

2, the computer board configuration:

High-end computer board needs more than two hundred yuan right, poor only need more than a hundred or even dozens of dollars, the computer board is good or bad machine stability. Currently on the market high-quality computer board supplier; Orchidaceae, Cody. Most high-end machines are the two suppliers of choice, but their computer boards are also hierarchical.

3, iron pieces, plastic parts configuration:

In the mahjong machine iron, plastic parts are an integral part of some components must use plastic, and some parts must be iron, plastic parts are generally good with plastic and ABS material molding, poor plastic parts They are generally made of recycled plastic, their prices are very different. Iron pieces of course, only from the material thickness and finish to distinguish between good and bad.

4, other small parts:

Such as power lines, draperies, etc., the machines are generally equipped with the national standard 1X0.75 square power cord, poor machine is generally equipped with a GB 1X0.5 square power cord, and some low-cost machine with even Non-standard 0.5 or direct core travel power cord. As for the drape; good machine with GeBi are generally very thick fabric, workmanship is also more sophisticated. Needless to say the poor machine, the fabric is very thin, and the workmanship is very rough.

Step Five: see the mahjong card

A good mahjong brand of bright colors, clear fonts, smooth back, and good cards are generally solid, poor are hollow. Hollow or solid, the card and the card can be tapped tapping out.

In general, a good mahjong machine; the configuration used to the motor motherboard, as small as the screw bearing, and wire are all good, if only a single machine with some good accessories does not explain this machine The grade and performance.