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How Mahjong Tiles Are Made
Jun 23, 2018

There are three kinds of common mahjong materials, namely melamine resin, organic glass and acrylic.

1.Taiwanese Mahjong - The most common on the market today is "Mahjong in Taiwan". The so-called "Mahjong in Taiwan" is not made in Taiwan. It refers to mahjong produced by a process that is based in Taiwan. The material used is dense ammonia. This mahjong process is used mostly for the production of automatic mahjong mahjong. The chemical name of the dense ammonia material is called melamine resin, also known as dense ammonia resin (powder), the general white RMB15000 yuan / ton, other colors RMB18500 yuan / ton. Melamine is a kind of main used for cup. Bowl. Saucer. Spoon. Pallet. Sugar bowl. Manufacturing of tableware, the main features are non-toxic environmental protection, high strength and hardness, feel lubrication, wear-resistant. Long-term use as new, no dirt. Most of the mahjong produced by the Taiwanese craftsmanship are bi-colored, with white facades, blue and green on the back, and some yellow or other colors. Now we are selling blue and green. Most of these types of mahjong have filiform stripes on the back, so they are also called bamboo mahjong. Need to know more "Taiwan Mahjong" issues, we have a special article, please click here to view!

2. Organic plastic mahjong --- This type of mahjong is also more common. It is mahjong produced from "organic glass". Its main production area is in Guangdong, and its output is very large. Due to the current high oil prices, the prices of organic glass materials have risen, and the price of such mahjong has also risen, and the quality has been declining. Now this type of mahjong uses a large amount of artificial materials added with recycled materials and the increase in the cost of engraving is also relatively inferior, so this type of product itself has become a tasteless, on the one hand the production cost is increasing, on the other hand the product quality is not ideal, The sales situation was heavily occupied by "Taiwan Mahjong." So this type of mahjong is striding out of the field.

3. Crystal acrylic mahjong - This type of mahjong generally has a relatively high price, because the cost of the material itself is high, and it is in stark contrast to ordinary organic plastic mahjong. "Perspex" originated from English Organic Glass. In recent years, all the plates made of transparent plastic are collectively referred to as organic glass in some areas. In fact, this is wrong. Acrylic refers exclusively to pure polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) materials, and PMMA plates are called Acrylic board. Are propylene alcohols. Acrylic has a high degree of transparency, light transmittance of 92%, has a "plastic crystal" reputation. And it has excellent weatherability, especially for outdoor use, ranking the top of other plastics. It also has good surface hardness and luster, great processing plasticity, and can be made into all kinds of shapes and products. Another variety of plates is rich in color (including translucent swatches). Another feature is that the plates can still maintain high transparency. Mahjong produced with such materials is generally relatively high in price, but the appearance is definitely more beautiful.

4. Bamboo, bone, and mahjong ---- This kind of mahjong is a very old and traditional method. Bamboo, buffalo leg bones and horns are used. After going to oil and blood,