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How Do Automatic Mahjong Tables Work
Aug 28, 2018

The fully automatic mahjong table was first invented and produced by Japan. It was originally imported into China by a small amount of Japanese. Later, because of the huge market in China, the Japanese started mass production in China in the early 1990s. Brought the mahjong machine to China.

Fully automatic mahjong machine, as the name suggests, is to pay attention to automation, usually a pair of mahjong people use, after a plate is played, the mahjong person washes himself, builds it, and then fights. But when people use mahjong tables to play mahjong, they need to use two special mahjong tiles. (The special cards are magnetic and rely on the magnetic ring to attract.) Then when they finish playing, they only need to operate. The pre-built mahjong tiles in the mahjong machine will be lifted to the table through the push-up machine inside the fuselage, and people can continue to fight, which is fast and labor-saving, and is favored by many fans.

As a high-end entertainment product, the fully automatic mahjong table has entered people's lives because of its comfort, health and fairness. Hotels and hotels have regarded it as a necessary supporting project.

The veneer on the back of the mahjong tile contains iron and other metals that can be attracted by the magnetic force. There is no metal on the front. (The magnetic force should be attracted when the suction ring is facing the back of the mahjong tile. The thickness, which weakens the force, is not enough to suck up the mahjong.) The card rotates with the disk on a sloping disk. When the card rises to the height, the card on the back is sucked by the iron ring piece above the disk and rotates with the ring piece. The card is pushed to the slot and pushed away by the lever. The card in the front direction continues to rotate on the disc. The cards on the slot are stacked and sent to the four sides by the push rod. There is a small spring on the disc that flips the card so that the front card is turned down and the back is up and sucked by the hoop until all the cards are sent to the trough. After the number of cards on all sides is sufficient, the button is operated by a person, and the pallet below the card sends the cards stacked on the table.

There are five motors in the fully automatic mahjong machine table to drive the turntable and the chain (the push rod on the chain) to rotate, and is automatically controlled by the electronic chip.