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Do You Know The Right Way To Use The Full Automatic Mahjong Machine?
Jan 10, 2018

Those who like to play mahjong are often used to go to the teahouse, the chess and card room and mahjong hall to play mahjong. So do you know the correct way to use the automatic mahjong machine?

Methods / steps for the use of fully automatic mahjong machines:

The first step is to insert the power plug of the mahjong machine and switch on the power switch when it is used for the first time. Then we can see that the lights on the operation panel are not lit. Then we can check the switch indicator light and reset the indicator light to turn on.

The second step, four automatic mahjong machine operation has four key lifting wheel, can press any key lifting operation, disk will automatically rise, there are 2 pairs of mahjong, a pair of put into the first, the first deputy mahjong, then press the lift button, the operation automatically set down the automatic mahjong machine in four to start the automatic shuffle. The reset indicator light indicates that the shuffle is finished. According to the lifting key, the operation plate is raised again, put second pairs of mahjong cards, and press the lifting key to lower the operation panel, and the first time the mahjong will automatically rise, so that it can play cards.

Third step, roll the dice: according to the dice keys, the dice can jump back automatically, you can play the cards in turn.

automatic mahjong table.jpg

Be careful

The full automatic mahjong machine is charged, all to keep the table clean, water cup and so on can not be placed on the table, so as to avoid water sprinkled on the motor door, causing the malfunction of the mahjong machine. At the same time, the mahjong machine should keep the ventilation, can not be placed in the dark and damp places, the machine can also cause motor failure, and hope to help you.

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