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Common Malfunction Of Automatic Mahjong Table
Jan 10, 2018

1. The indicator light of the power supply of the main board after electricity is not bright

The main cause of this fault is that the main board power is damaged or the main board power connection line has no 220V power access. In such a case, first of all, we should use multimeter to switch to the AC voltage ~750V gear, to measure whether the power input is 220V or so. If there is, the mainboard power will be damaged. If not, check the power input and connection line.

2. The power supply of the motherboard is normal after electricity, but the program can't work.

The cause of this kind of fault is mainly because the motherboard program has no burning record, or there is no location, or the main board is bad, or the panel switch has problems. To deal with the failure of the panel switch first, it is to pull out the panel switch and dial it to the left port with the remote control. Press the "A/B" button to fight the color. If normal, it is proved that the panel switch is damaged, and the panel switch is replaced.

3, the color is correct, but not the card

The main cause of this fault is the bad main board, the bad bracket, the bad support line or the bad connection. The maintenance method is to let mahjong observe the indicator light of the motherboard through the bracket, find a indicator light not light, touch the support plug of the motherboard with hands, and the indicator light of the motherboard has luminous indication, which proves that the motherboard is good. Replace with a good bracket, the light is still not bright, or the support line is replaced.

4, play the correct color, select the card, but the choice is not correct

This is mainly because the bracket assembly is not good, correct the block is not fine, the needle panel is not installed, the magnetosphere two positioning wheels is not regulated, can be in accordance with the requirements of assembly technology to adjust.

5. Touch location does not work

The main cause of this fault is that the main board is bad, and the touch location line is broken. Should the range of touch interface socket line to change to other good, touch the touch location, grab the Zhuang, cancel, or indicator light is not bright, with a good interface line for bad socket, touch touch positioning, Zhuang, cancel, if the light is directed that motherboard is good.

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