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Cleaning Method Of Mahjong Machine
Sep 18, 2017

1. continuous use of the machine more than five hours, you can use a dry cloth to wipe.

2. use in a damp room. Please keep indoors as much as possible.

3.. Mahjong table should be kept clean, use 500 hours, should open the panel, you can use vacuum cleaner or brush on the machine center, turntable, suede and other components to clean up

4., mahjong should be kept clean and smooth, after use can also use dry cloth care spray wax scrub.

5. machine running components, such as push cards, slider, flat lift slider should be flexible, when necessary, may add a year of lubricating oil, but be careful not to excessive refueling.

6. long service life to be a new look, you can change the desktop on the green carpet. They will not be able to please professionals to replace.

7., often with a small brush to remove soft push card on the photoelectric switch to avoid the accumulation of dirt, grime effect sensitivity photoelectric switch.

8. mahjong machines should often use the hair dryer to clean up the cobwebs or other things, to prevent the normal operation of the machine.

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