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Chess Room Air Cleaner Chess Room Air Purifier Type More Specifications
May 11, 2017

Chess Room Air Cleaner Chess room air purifier Co., Ltd., located in Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province, a land of 25 acres, 50 million yuan investment, built standard industrial plant 8,000 square meters and modern office building 3,000 square meters, is a professional production of fresh air products (Fresh air ventilator or air energy recovery device) business.

        Chess room air purifier is a professional research and development, manufacture and sale of all heat exchangers, fresh air ventilator, electronic purifier, honeycomb wheel dehumidifier, wheel heat recovery, heat pipe heat recovery, electrode type humidifier , Energy-saving devices of science and technology Sino-foreign joint ventures. Chess room air purifier which NWE all heat exchanger is developed with the United States novel.aire. The company is fully engaged in the crystallization of the United States novel.aire. The company is one of the few production energy recovery in the world, round new air ventilator, electronic purification One of the scientific research enterprises. The development of energy recovery wheel in the world with a forward-looking, non-corrosive and will not be corroded composite fiber instead of ordinary aluminum foil, chess room air purifier in the composite fiber layer has a uniform moisture absorption and heat transfer material coating , Chess room air purifier greatly improved the performance of the whole heat recovery. The whole heat exchange runner can be used as a supplement to the fresh air in the air-Chess Room Air Cleaner conditioned room with minimal energy consumption and the introduction of outdoor fresh air. In the application of HVAC systems, it can reduce the initial investment in air-conditioning facilities and the subsequent operation and management costs. In civil and commercial buildings, chess room air purifier air conditioning facilities are the most important energy consumption system, in the new or modified HVAC system using NWE full heat exchanger is more economical, can increase by 15% or more To add fresh air volume without increasing energy consumption. In the new air conditioning settings, the NWE Full Heat Exchanger allows the use of relatively small models of refrigeration equipment in the air conditioning system, as well as the initial investment in HVAC systems, as well as other DX components.

       Chess Room Air Cleaner Chess room air purifier product variety, the specifications of the whole, according to the amount of air and the application of the site is divided into small ceiling series of all heat exchangers, medium-type vertical series of all / significant heat exchanger, large vertical series full / significant heat exchanger three class. The general type of air flow from 70-1200m ³ / h, DC inverter air volume from 50-1000m ³ / h, according to the room type for the corresponding air volume adjustment; the same type of air flow, Medium vertical series of air from 1000-5000m ³ / h, divided into full heat and sensible type, to meet the requirements of different regions or environments; large vertical series is also divided into two types of hot and sensible heat, Installation, air volume from 7500m ³ / h to 30000m ³ / h. Product performance, heat exchange efficiency of up to 70% -75%, in line with international market demand for the product. Excellent quality, the product has been widely used by the customer's praise.

  My company's product quality assurance: specializing in the production of energy-saving heat pipe heat-saving heat pipe, low-temperature heat pipe heat exchanger, heat pipe-style air ventilator, heat pipe energy recovery air conditioning units. The company has a number of processing workshops in the country, spare parts suppliers are subject to repeated investigation and demonstration of the screening, the production process in full accordance with the advanced foreign countries of the process; chess room air purifier heat exchanger frame selection of CNC machine tools; Centrifugal fans, filters and other ancillary equipment all selected large domestic central air-conditioning manufacturers production line, supply timely, reliable quality, stable performance, basically no maintenance within 10 years. Heat pipe heat exchanger is composed of heat pipe heat exchanger is a highly efficient heat transfer, chess room air purifier its advantages have been internationally recognized and applied to more and more areas chess room air purifier civil commercial central air conditioning and industrial Ventilation is a low-temperature heat pipe category, the use of temperature is generally -40 ℃ ~ 300 ℃, the first by the United States, Japan and other developed countries to the central air-conditioning energy-saving areas.

       Chess Room Air Cleaner Companies to customer service as the principle, according to customer requirements, tailor-made ventilation program to safety, health, comfort, the economy as the goal, for customers to choose the best products to create a fresh and natural environment, Noviels will share with you Good tomorrow!