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Automatic Mahjong Table Quality Of Mahjong Machine Is Guaranteed
May 10, 2017

The operating department of mahjong machine has been engaged in sales and maintenance of mahjong tables for more than 10 years and enjoys good reputation.

Automatic Mahjong Table All kinds of models we sell are stable, beautiful and cost-effective, which is your ideal choice. We promise to give you different, high quality and stable products.

Our main automatic mahjong, quality assured, let you in a few years later in the process of using less or no trim, so as to minimize your inconvenience in using and operating.

For some high-end leisure entertainment mahjong the actual situation of high utilization rate is high, the customer requirements, we have a supply of high-end models, stable performance, long service life, not only fair and reasonable price, let you buy the rest assured, not spend money. In addition, we also undertake the maintenance business of various brand mahjong machine, expect you to inquire and order!

Mahjong machine to create the first media, the Chinese mahjong machine industry is a professional and efficient for mahjong machine industry magazine greatest influence.of, to enhance the level of mahjong machine enterprises, promote the mahjong brand growth as its own duty

Automatic Mahjong Table Mahjong has become the Chinese mahjong machine industry information and the largest circulation, one of the strongest professional magazine, and relying on the network + + edition of powerful resource integration platform, a bridge vane, mahjong machine industry manufacturers cooperation.

Founded in 1995, mahjong machine co., LTD. Is the world's largest production base for automatic mahjong machines. The company advocates "innovative entertainment culture, to achieve health quality of life", in under the guidance of the enterprise mission, the company took the lead from Japan in the early ninety s the introduction of automatic mahjong machine products, driving the Chinese mahjong, the revolutionary change of the traditional industry, opened up a new automatic mahjong machine industry. Mr Wei guohua, President of the company, is also known in the industry as "the pioneer of the Chinese mahjong industry". Friends and "sparrow", each product by the highest industry standard, namely A level - more than 5000 times, with A commanding lead attitude, to keep improving the quality of the perfect annotation. For the fifth year in a row, it has become a well-known brand in China's mahjong machine industry.

Automatic Mahjong Table Mahjong electronic is a set of research and development, manufacturing, sales of mahjong machines as an all-automatic mahjong enterprise! Chengdu mahjong machine sales of mahjong machine wholesale sales top manufacturers, the company for mahjong machine one of the top ten brand, has always been enthusiasts to provide the best for the general mahjong mahjong!

Automatic Mahjong Table Company was founded in 2002, the existing staff of more than 2000, the company mainly produces mahjong, is one of the largest manufacturers, because we are mahjong mahjong machine manufacturers, so in mahjong machine wholesale price is cheaper, quality more secure, mahjong machine sales wholesale company main camp, Fuji mahjong machine adopt Fuji patent balance technology, as well as Fuji special plastic parts, all copper core motor top-level configuration. Make the new and old customers more comfortable when using our products. The company has its own research and development team, constantly improving the quality of the product, in the field of the mahjong industry is the leading position...