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Automatic Mahjong Table Full Automatic Mahjong Machine Professional Manufacturing, All-heart Service
May 10, 2017

Automatic Mahjong Table Fully automatic mahjong machine is a production, sales, and service of fully automatic production and manufacturing enterprises. After 12 years of development, the sales network covers 95% of the country's market. Zhongyou mahjong machine since its establishment, adhere to "create the Chinese mahjong machine brand" strategy as the goal, adhering to the "professional manufacture, the whole heart service" business philosophy, set up the "dedication, innovation, development" spirit of enterprise, set up and develop the high levels of research and development, management, marketing team, business work and humanistic environment health, joy, unity, and orderly. Awarded "China auto electric cut card machine market product quality customer satisfaction quality reputation first", "China famous auto electric cut card machine product quality just top ten brand", "zhejiang quality good faith demonstration unit" and a series of honorary titles; The product and the technology obtains the "intelligent four drive wang2" the whole machine structure, the industry initiative "three levels" and other exclusive patents. Zhongyou mahjong machine not only on product innovation, with "intelligent all-wheel-drive king" the machine structure, industry pioneered "three CARDS" and so on a number of patents, automatic mahjong machine and are inherited from the management to the marketing professional and innovative ideas. In the case of internal, the international advanced management mode is enabled and the ERP management is carried out. Externally, the enterprise VI image with professional design is enabled, and has a perfect dealer incentive system. The company has established the perfect national distributor comarketing system, and helps the distributors to exploit the market to achieve the win-win goal.

Automatic Mahjong Table Perfect management system, ensure enterprise efficient operation) of high quality material to produce the quality of products (security) is responsible for after-sales service and support to safeguard the rights and interests of consumers () with the highest cost-effective (bring tangible benefits to customers) this is not the commitment to consumer's responsibility and attitude!

Automatic Mahjong Table To make employees deeply involved, improve their enthusiasm and change their attitude. To build and optimize the various mechanisms within the team, improve the hardware and optimize operation and management; We should build a learning organization, create an open and recognized enterprise culture, and build up our ideological strength to improve our vitality. Corporate culture, as a soft power construction enterprises, we need to continue to build and optimize, "dedication, innovation, development" is the concept of atmosphere, "professional manufacture, the whole heart service", is bound to become a brand management platform, so the build perfect management system is the core in the enterprise management.

Automatic Mahjong Table Full automatic mahjong machine company was founded in 2005, has developed for 12 years, has become a owns nearly one thousand employees, annual sales volume among the industry forefront of mahjong machine research and development, production and sales of large enterprises.

Automatic Mahjong Table Based on the integrity of the company, the company has achieved the achievements of today's people with its strict control of quality, innovation, service and transcendence. The company's flagship brand automatic mahjong machine, has become one of the most influential brands, industry market share, brand awareness and reputation, reputation, are among the industry forefront. Island brand in the industry portal "hemp net" in the online poll, full automatic mahjong machine for by the national consumer recognition, respectively in 2014 and 2015, for two consecutive years won the most gold industry "top ten brand credibility" award. In 2015, Shanghai cultural goods industry association of professional committee of the mahjong set up meeting, taking secret ballot that the election of a fair and open manner, ucc fitness equipment co., LTD., Shanghai high ticket was elected President of the unit.

Automatic Mahjong Table Fully automatic mahjong machine is a team that is innovative and enterprising. Full automatic mahjong machine believes: achievement can only represent the past, only the more effort, can create the greater glorious tomorrow! Since 2016, we have invested heavily in the island to enhance our brand image and build a real brand in the industry. The company design and development of many new products, has received the national distributor and the consumer high recognition. The introduction of the whole series of new products makes the system of fully automatic mahjong machine more perfect, and the market is more competitive.

For 15 years, fully automatic mahjong machine has been building the "shangdao" brand, the work of the heart and blood, the work of the company. In the development and production process of the product, the shangdao people always insist that "the professional will produce the high-quality goods, the stability is the hard truth" the craftsman spirit. Full automatic mahjong machine mahjong machine has been popular throughout life, with its "stable operation, service in place, variety complete, affordable," the unique advantages, wins the general new old customer high praise, won considerable market share. With the support of new and old friends, the future will be bigger and brighter.