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Automatic Mahjong Table Full Automatic Mahjong Table High-grade Entertainment Supplies
May 10, 2017

Full automatic mahjong machine, as the name implies, is to pay attention to automation, usually people playing mahjong is a set of mahjong, a plate after a good consists playing mahjong themselves ready, build by laying bricks or stones, then play. But when people use automatic mahjong playing mahjong requires using two pairs of special mahjong tiles, and then when they hung up after a plate, only need to manipulate the working program of automatic mahjong table, then mahjong machine and build by laying bricks or stones good mahjong tiles to advance through the inside of the fuselage driving card machine to the desktop, people can continue to play, both fast and save Labour, get the favour of a lot of mahjong tiles lovers.

Automatic mahjong table now, as a kind of high-grade entertainment supplies, due to its comfortable, healthy, fair, has been more and more into people's life, a lot of the hotel, the hotel has as a necessary supporting projects.

The machine is divided into: single, four, eight, and so on.

Automatic Mahjong Table Single machine: as the name implies, there is only a single push machine, which can be sent to all parties through the conveyor chain. Because it takes four bites to get the CARDS in turn and the conveyer, the CARDS are slow, about two minutes to complete the CARDS, and the failure rate is high. In the existing type of mahjong machine, the single machine appears as the earliest, but has been largely eliminated, only in some two mobile phone markets.

Automatic Mahjong Table Four machine: there are four push the card mouth, no transmission chain, so you can four mouth at the same time the registration, so registration is fast and generally 18 seconds to 35 seconds to complete the registration. Through extremely reasonable mechanical design, achieve performance stability, shuffling speed and so on... Four machines are now the market's mainstream.

Eight mouth machine: eight mouth machine is not to hold a card, this kind of machine just went public, the quality is not very stable, the client accept degree is not clear.

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Automatic Mahjong Table Mahjong tiles on the back of the cover layer can be attracted by magnetic metals such as iron, positive, size of the magnetic suction ring should be positive to the back of the mahjong tiles can attract, is fully automatic mahjong table

Full automatic mahjong table atlas

Automatic Mahjong Table On the front of the mahjong tiles with a certain thickness, when the force is abate, enough to suck up mahjong) card in a tilting disc with plate rotation, the card is rise to the heights, up card is on the back of the disc above a hoop to absorption, and with the ring plate rotation to a slot by the shifter lever away, face up card continues to turn on the plate, groove on the CARDS were stacked in pairs after the push rod according to the number assigned to all around. Have a small disc spring hand dial, make positive Automatic Mahjong Table brand turn down, with the back up by the author to absorb, until the last away all the CARDS are sent to slot in. After all the CARDS on the four sides are enough, the person will control the button, and the board under the CARDS will be folded in all directions.