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Automatic Mahjong Table Automatic Mahjong Table Quality Assurance
May 11, 2017

Automatic Mahjong Table Sucheng District automatic mahjong table business department, engaged in mahjong table sales and maintenance for more than 10 years, enjoy a good reputation.

We sell various models of automatic mahjong machine stable performance, beautiful style, cost-effective, is your ideal choice. Automatic mahjong table we are committed to you not the same, high quality, stable products.

      Our main automatic mahjong table, quality assurance, so that you in the next few years the use of the process less repair or not repair, so as to minimize your use and business inconvenience.

     Automatic Mahjong Table For some high-end leisure and entertainment mahjong table high utilization rate, automatic mahjong table customer requirements of the actual situation, we have high-end models supply, not only stable performance, longer life, and reasonable prices reasonable, so you buy the rest assured, Not much money wasted money. In addition, we also undertake a variety of brand mahjong machine maintenance business, look forward to your calls advice, order!

     Automatic mahjong table is already a very common life in the life of entertainment products. Automatic mahjong table, especially in the restaurant automatically mahjong table is one of the necessary furniture. Automatic mahjong table of the market soon replaced the previous mahjong table, a lot of people who have the family like to play cards for their own home to buy such an automatic mahjong table

      Automatic Mahjong Table To get to know the price of this automatic mahjong table, let's talk about this automatic mahjong table. In fact, many of the only know that with the progress of social science and technology development, a lot of science and technology has been applied to our lives, this automatic mahjong table is the product of this scientific development. But what is the source of this automatic mahjong table is not well understood. This automatic mahjong table price is actually the first to invent the production of Japan. At first, only a small amount of original exports to China. But the cost plus the cost of this transport in the middle of the cost of automatic mahjong table is very expensive. Because later found that the Chinese market is very large after the Japanese began to set up factories in China to carry out a large number of production. At the beginning of this automatic mahjong table price is also very expensive.

      Automatic Mahjong Table Commonly used automatic mahjong table with desktop 36, 40. Automatic mahjong tables are square, 36 desktop, net table with velvet 81.5 × 81.5 cm square, install the outer frame 96 cm square. 40 desktop, net table with velvet 87.5 × 87.5 cm square, the installation of the outer border 1.02 meters square.

Mahjong table prices are generally linked with the size of its desktop, the price is the key to the quality, quality, technology and brand. Now the market mahjong table style, shape, color and so are endless, but according to its level of different prices are also divided into several different grades.

Automatic mahjong machine, is to pay attention to automation, only need to operate the automatic mahjong table of the work process, and then mahjong machine inside the puzzle will be a good mahjong card inside the push up the brand up to the desktop, people can continue Playing down, both fast and effort.