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Automatic Mahjong Series Automatic Mahjong Table Of Products Are In Strict Accordance With The ISO9002 International Quality Certification System Manufacturing
May 15, 2017

Automatic Mahjong Table The company is a perennial specializing in automatic mahjong machine sales and automatic mahjong table maintenance services company, sales agents in Tianjin automatic mahjong machine, sales in the industry among the best.

    The company sales of automatic mahjong table "quality first, the user first, integrity-based" business purposes, with its excellent quality, efficient and efficient marketing services, and improve after-sales service technology, has been the majority of consumers of all ages Praise

   Automatic Mahjong Table Was founded in June 2004, is located in a long cultural history of the ancient capital of Nanjing, the plant covers an area of 2,000 square meters, Nanjing is the first production of automatic mahjong one of the manufacturers. The company is committed to the field of mechanical and electrical integration of product design and manufacturing, specializing in the production of a variety of automatic mahjong table (including single-mouth machine and four machines, etc.). The company developed by the automatic mahjong series of products are in strict accordance with the ISO9002 international quality certification system manufacturing, and won the "national quality service reputation AAA-level demonstration units."

    Automatic Mahjong Table The company's main "first and", "bird and" the two flagship brand with high-quality product quality and good market cost-effective nationwide, the company produced by the automatic mahjong machine using the international advanced integrated control system, through the licensing device Four directions of the action and the cam mechanism with the clever, to achieve the reshuffle, puzzle, card and detection function, with high sensitivity, low error, code card speed, low motion noise, the use of simple operation, easy maintenance and so on , Is the current mahjong entertainment used by the mainstream models.

    Automatic Mahjong Table The company Bingzhe "quality-oriented, integrity first, sincere cooperation, create brilliant" business purposes and quality after-sales service and commitment to customers long-term provision of automatic mahjong table accessories and mahjong table maintenance services, to lift your To worry about. We sincerely welcome new and old friends at home and abroad to negotiate business.

  Automatic Mahjong Table Is a production, sales and service in one of the automatic licensing machine manufacturing enterprises; after 12 years of development, sales outlets covering 95% of the provinces and cities nationwide market. Friends of the mahjong machine since its inception, adhere to the "Chinese mahjong machine brand" strategy as the goal, adhering to the "professional manufacturing, dedicated service" business philosophy, establish a "dedicated, innovative and development" spirit of enterprise, High level of R & D, management, marketing team, business work and humanistic environment Healthy, happy, united and orderly. Has won the "China's automatic electric licensing brand market product quality customer satisfaction quality first", "China's well-known automatic electric licensing machine product quality fair top ten brands", "Zhejiang Province quality Shou integrity model unit" and so on Series of honorary title; products and technology access to "intelligent four-wheel drive" whole machine structure, the industry's first "three-tier card" and many other exclusive patents. Friends of the mahjong machine not only in the product innovation, with "smart four-wheel drive Wang" machine structure, the industry's first "three-tier card" and many other patents, and from management to marketing are adhering to the professional and innovative ideas. Internal, enabled the international advanced management mode, the implementation of ERP management; external, the opening of the professional design of corporate VI image, at the same time have a perfect dealer incentive system. The company established a perfect national dealer marketing system, all-round help dealers to develop new markets, to achieve the purpose of a win-win situation.

Perfect management system (to ensure the efficient operation of enterprises) High-quality materials production (to protect the quality of products) Responsible after-sales service and support (to protect the interests of consumers) the highest cost-effective (to give customers real benefits) Is the Friends of the consumer commitment to the responsibility and attitude!

  Automatic Mahjong Table Second, the organization within the team to build and optimize the mechanism, improve the hardware, optimize the operation and management; Third, the construction of learning organizations, to create an open identity of the corporate culture, cohesion of ideological power To promote the vitality of corporate culture as a soft power of enterprise construction, we need to continue to build and optimize the "dedication, innovation, development" is the concept of atmosphere, "professional manufacturing, dedicated service" is bound to become a brand management program, so Constructing a sound management system is the core of the enterprise management.