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Automatic Mahjong Machine Working Principle
Jul 12, 2018

The veneer on the back of the mahjong tile contains magnets and the like that can be attracted to the magnetic force. The front side does not. (The size of the magnetic force is that the suction ring can attract the back of the mahjong card, and the front side of the mahjong card has a certain thickness. To weaken the power, it is not enough to suck up the mahjong; in fact, it depends on the electromagnet, ordinary mahjong can not be used), the card rotates with the disk on a tilted disc, the card rises to the height, the back up card The magnetic ring on the shuffled bucket is sucked and rotated with the magnetic ring and sent to the trough, and pushed into the block by the superimposed motor at the head, pushed away by the chain rod, and the card in the front direction continues on the disc. Rotate, the cards on the slot are stacked and then distributed by the putter to the four sides. There is a small spring on the disc that flips the card so that the front card is turned down, and the back is up and sucked by the magnetic ring until all the cards are sent to the slot and taken away. After the number of cards on all sides is sufficient, the lift button on the operation panel is operated by a person, and the pallets under the card are sent out of the deck.

There are two buttons in the middle of the desktop, each with three functions; 1 there are two open and close buttons; 2 there are 4 shake button buttons, respectively in four directions. When the open button is pressed, the door will automatically open. At this time, another mahjong card on the table can be pushed into it, and then the button is pressed repeatedly, the door will be closed automatically, and the mahjong table has The motor drives the turntable and the chain (the push rod on the chain) to rotate and is automatically controlled by the electronic chip. At the same time, the pre-washed cards will automatically rise and repeat the cycle.