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Automatic Mahjong Machine, How To Deal With A Sudden Power Failure?
Jul 22, 2017

Automatic mahjong machine, how to deal with a sudden power failure?

Fault: first check the electrical connector on the automatic power-off has no bad contact, 220V power switch power supply is fixed, and then check the turntable, below the wiring is correct, try to be light line and motor power line distribution wiring bundle. Check all normal circumstances, then take into account whether the original parts are caused by poor performance, then you can directly change the power switch. Another kind of automatic power performance for each pair of plates to rise when the control panel lights flash or dice, dice cards for midway do Zhuang will flash lamp, this phenomenon can be concluded caused by 5V power supply circuit, can check whether the flat line short circuit, 11#, 13#, 14# sensor and push plate the board directly rub, fixed screw K2, 12# light and light welding point of short circuit control plate welding is a short circuit coil.

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