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when did mahjong originate
May 23, 2018

Mahjong is a long-established leisure way in China. Since ancient times, there have been many claims about the origin of mahjong.

Mahjong, also known as Sparrow, Finch, Majiang, etc., is closely related to dominoes, leaves, and horses.

The dominoes started from the Northern Song Dynasty and declared two years, also known as the Xuanhe card. A total of 32 days, places, people, and, long, short, unknown, seven, etc., according to points and grades of size. A 12-point "day card" is 9 points together with any 7-point card; an 11-point "short card" and an 8-point "person card" are also 9 points; the former It is called "Tianjiu" and the latter is called "personal ninth." The dominoes are rectangular blocks and give tips for future forms of mahjong production.

Leaf, the narrow strip of solitary cards still reserved. Originated in the Tang Dynasty. In the Song Dynasty, Wang Zizi wrote that “leaves” is a Zen master dedicated to Li Shimin. "Leaf" implies that "Twentyth Century Li", that is, Tang can be passed to the 20th.

"Leaf" developed into the "horse crane" in the Ming Dynasty. A total of 40 paper products are divided into four categories: Wen Qian, Suo Zi, Wan Zi, and Cross. The essay is divided into two parts: No text, half text and one article to nine texts. Suo Zi points: one to nine lines. Ten thousand points: ten thousand to ninety thousand. Cross points: 900,000 to 200,000. "The four-character" and "Cross" are all marked with water-level characters.

In the Qing dynasty, he joined the northwestern wind in the southeast of Baifa and became mahjong.

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