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What should the mahjong machine have to do automatically?
May 23, 2018

The cause of the problem: automatic mahjong machine first check the motor power connectors have poor contact, the 220 v power switch power supply is fixed, and then check the wheel, the wiring is correct, as far as possible the light sensor cable strapping wiring and motor power distribution. Check all normal circumstances, at this time should consider whether the original accessories caused by poor performance, at this time can directly replace the power switch. Another kind of power, performance for each deck ready to rise control board when the dice flash light, or a brand midway dice do village flash light, this phenomenon can be assumed to be 5 v power supply caused by short circuit, can check whether the flat wire is short circuit, 11 #, 13 #, 14 # but whether sensors and push the card board directly, K2, 12 # whether light fixed screw with light welding point of short circuit directly, if there is a short circuit control panel dice coil welding place.

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