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What is the size of the automatic mahjong table?
Aug 19, 2018

Commonly used automatic mahjong tables have desktops 36 and 40. The automatic mahjong table is square, 36 table tops, net table top with flannel 81.5×81.5 cm square, and the outer frame is 96 cm square. 40 desktop, net tabletop with flannel 87.5 × 87.5 cm square, installed on the outer frame 1.02 meters square.

The price of a mahjong table is generally not related to its desktop size. The key to the price is material, quality, technology and brand. Nowadays, the styles, shapes and colors of the mahjong tables on the market are endless, but there are several different grades according to their various levels.

The automatic mahjong machine is to be automated. It only needs to operate the automatic mahjong table work program. Then the pre-built mahjong tiles in the mahjong machine will be lifted to the table through the push-up machine inside the fuselage, and people can continue. Fighting is fast and effortless.

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