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What is the reason why the automatic mahjong machine has been washing out all the time?
Dec 24, 2017

Open the desktop look into four card export is not the card, or a side into the card, in order to determine the motor belt or belt is a problem, or head shuffle the electrical problems such as not, please check whether the market or the market strong on Dichotomanthes (red) is not already broken the damaged, Dichotomanthes not will lead to pull on the tail stop mahjong card does not lead to side smoke is not on the card sucking mouth.

Contact:: Haley Niu   

MB: +86-13777890873  


SKYPE: haley1214 

Wechat: haley1214    

Tel:  +86-571-82837666-6606

Fax:  +86-571-82836669

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