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What is the power of electric mahjong machine?
Jul 08, 2018

The general nominal power is 80-150W.

The general single-port mahjong machine has 10 motors. 9 large motors, a small DC 5V small motor that rotates according to the tweezers. The power consumption of small motors can be basically ignored. The power of other large motors is generally 15W.

However, the nine motors do not work at the same time and work all the time. When shuffling, only the center turntable, the conveyor belt motor, the push-pull head motor, and the chain motor are working. After the shuffle, when the person issues the lift card When the instruction is made, the center lift motor is first started, and then the four-way upgrade motor works and pushes the cards from the square to the table.

Therefore, this one-hour power consumption is an estimation problem. It depends on how fast you play cards. But even if you press the fastest game, the card will be washed again and it will not be used much. At most, it is about 100W. Is it not a big power consumer for other household appliances?...

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