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What is the electric mahjong table show one 3?
Jul 08, 2018

The automatic mahjong table works as follows:

The veneer on the back of the mahjong tile is magnetic, the front is not, the card is rotated with the disk on a sloping disk. When the card rises to the height, the card with the magnetic side is sucked by the iron ring above the disk. And as the ring rotates, it is sent to a slot and pushed away by the lever. The card without magnetic on the front continues to rotate on the disk. The cards on the slot are doubled and then distributed by the pusher to the four sides. There is a small spring on the disc to turn the card, so that the front card is turned down, and the magnetic ring is sucked up by the iron ring until all the cards are sent to the trough. After the number of cards on all sides is sufficient, the button is operated by a person, and the pallet below the card sends the cards stacked on the table.

Inside the mahjong table, there are five electric motors that drive the turntable and the chain (the push rod on the chain) to rotate and are automatically controlled by the electronic chip.

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