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What can be done to reduce the frequency of the full automatic mahjong malfunction?
Jan 14, 2018

Full automatic mahjong machine is our life in a very wide frequency of use of mechanical products, as mechanical products inevitably there will be some fault in daily use, we can pay attention to some questions will reduce the trouble in use, below we look at it together.

Don't put the cigarette, mahjong table lighters and other items, to prevent malfunction in the machine. The mahjong machine should be kept clean and the track is smooth. The sliding rod in the machine should be flexible, and a little grease (not overdose) should be added when necessary.

If the machine appears card card or mixed card, please turn off the power supply, open the cover and clean up. After cleaning, reopen the card according to the operation steps. The mahjong should be kept clean and smooth, and do not stay in the machine for a long time.

All power supplies must be grounded to enable the machine to be reliably grounded. It is not allowed to power off at random in normal operation, and the power can be turned off when the card is washed and the reset indicator light is bright. After closing the power supply, the interval time is at least 6 seconds.

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