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The Working Theory of Automatic Mahjong Machine
May 04, 2017

Automatic mahjong machine, as the name suggests, is automatic. The main principle of the automatic mahjong table is by magnet principle. There are magnets in the mahjong cards and large magnets under the vats holding the mahjong cards. The machine distinguishes the positive and negative side of the cards relying on the magnet interaction between the large magnets and mahjong cards.


Usually people are using a mahjong, after playing the mahjong, people need to wash, puzzle, and then hit cards by themselves.


When people use automatic mahjong tables to play mahjong, they need to use two special mahjong cards, which are magnetically and magnetically attracted. Then when they are finished, they only need to operate the automatic mahjong table work procedures. Then mahjong cards inside the machine will be pushed up to the desktop. People can continue to play down. It is both fast and effort.

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