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The Three Main types of Automatic Mahjong Tables
May 04, 2017

According to the card-pushing mechanism, Automatic Mahjong Tables can be divided into: single outlet machine, four outlet machine, eight outlet machine, etc..

Single-outlet Automatic Mahjong Tables

As the name suggests is only a push outlet of the mahjong machine, through the conveyor chain will be sent to the parties. Because the four ports in order to be on the card, but also to transport device, so the card speed is slow, about 2 minutes to complete the card on the action, and the failure rate is high. In the existing types of mahjong machines, single-outlet machine appeared the earliest, but basically has been eliminated, only in some of the two mobile phone market has retained.

Four-outlet Automatic Mahjong Tables

There are four push outlet, no conveyor chain, so you can at the same time on the four cards, so the card speed, usually 18 seconds to 35 seconds to complete the card action. Through a very reasonable mechanical design, to achieve stable performance, shuffling speed and so on.

Eight-outlet Automatic Mahjong Tables

Eight outlet machine is not to draw cards, this machine has just listed, and the quality is not very stable, the degree of customer acceptance is not clear.


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