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The principle of shuffling of automatic mahjong machine
Jan 04, 2018

Mahjong on the back of the veneer layer containing iron can be magnetic metal, not positive, (magnetic force should be back on the magnetic suction ring mahjong can attract up front on mahjong because of a certain thickness, the strength is weakened, not enough to suck up the card in a rotating mahjong) an inclined disc with the disc, card up to the height, back to the card is above the ceiling to the disc ring, and ring with a groove to rotate by the deflector rod pushes away the face up cards will continue to rotate on the plate and the groove on the cards are stacked in pairs after the push rod number distribution to four. There is a small spring disc hand turn dial, the positive card turned down, to back up and ring suck, until finally all the cards are sent to slot away. Four of the brand after the manned goushu, button, pallet card below will be surrounded by the folded card sending table. Mahjong which consists of motor driven turntable and the chain (a pusher chain) rotation, and by electronic chip automatic control.

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