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The principle of automatic mahjong table
Mar 11, 2015

Mahjong veneer layer on the back of the iron and other magnetic metals can be attracted, no front, (magnetic suction ring size should be at the back of the tiles are able to attract them, when tiles are on the front because there are certain thickness, so that power weakened enough to pick up mahjong) cards on a tilted disc with the disc rotates, brand rose to a height when the back-up cards are sucked toward the top of the hoop piece disc and turn the piece with ring according to the number assigned by putting all sides rushed to the slot to push a lever to go by, then the cards face up on the disc continues to rotate, the card slot is folded double post. There is a small spring on the disc turned aside the cards, so turn down the front of the card to the back of the hoop being sucked up, until finally all the cards have been sent to the tank away. After four cards get so much from person to manipulate a button, card following pallet will send mesa surrounded folded cards.

Automatic mahjong table there are five motor driven wheel and chain (there are putting on the chain) is rotated by the electronic chip automatic control.

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