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The mahjong industry definition
Jan 01, 2018

Mahjong machine was first invented and produced by Japan. It was imported from Japan to China in the early 90s of last century. Because of the huge market in China, mahjong machine industry entered a rapid development stage and formed a huge industrial chain. Mahjong machine from the initial incoming China No. 30 small gradually reform success into 38, 40, 46 or even 52 big. When the single machine rise mahjong machine industry occupy the mainstream, mainly by Queyou production, then four machine occupy the mainstream. With the popularity of the family mahjong machine market, ultra-thin machine gradually lead the trend, led by a handful of companies to koolshade after three years of market baptism and technological innovation, has made great progress, ultra-thin machine has been widely recognized by the market. As a leader to China Queyou (94 years will start mahjong culture into China), and later to koolshade as the main representatives of more than five hundred manufacturers, mainly concentrated in the Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River delta. Hangzhou Xiaoshan as the center to the national mahjong machine is divergence trend; multi media industry and has China's wind business information, business as the representative of the mahjong machine.

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