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Reasons for the immobility of the mahjong machine chain
Jan 14, 2018

In general, there are the following reasons for the malfunction of the mahjong machine chain:

1. chain motor itself is not enough force distance;

2. pressure plate pressure is too tight or tight wheel is too tight, so there is no chain activity space, can properly adjust the pressure plate or tighten wheel;

3. the gap between the turn and the track is not adjusted. At this time, there will be such a problem and readjusting the gap.

4. mahjong cards are too dirty, and it is possible to clean the mahjong.

5. pull tight chain, this chain will bring real, appropriate sent under the small chain is good;

6. chain track has sundries, is stuck, at this time need to check, if any, even clean out;

7. chain rod bending, the operation process hanging to the corner corner, leading to the chain movement.

The emergence of a variety of fault conditions, and we usually do not have a very good maintenance has a great relationship. Therefore, mahjong machines need to be cleaned after they are used normally. When they are not used, it is better to say that the cards are removed and cleaned regularly.

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