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Program mahjong machine cleaning and maintenance method
Sep 09, 2018

1. If you use the machine for more than five hours, you can wipe it with a dry cloth.

2, use in a humid room, please try to keep the room ventilated.

3. The mahjong table should be kept clean. The panel should be opened after 500 hours of use. The vacuum cleaner or brush can be used to clean the inner surface of the machine.

4. The mahjong tiles should be kept clean and smooth. After use, they can also be scrubbed with dry cloth care spray wax.

5, the operating components inside the machine, such as the pusher slider, the flat lift slider should be flexible, if necessary, can be added a second year of lubricant, but be careful not to excessively refuel.

6, long life and want to maintain a new look, you can replace the green carpet on the desktop. I will not be able to ask a professional to come to the door to replace it.

7, often use a soft small brush to remove the photoelectric switch dust on the card, to avoid the accumulation of dust and affect the sensitivity of the photoelectric switch.

8, inside the mahjong machine should always use a hair dryer to clean the spider web or other things inside, to prevent the normal operation of the machine.

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