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Principle of cheating in mahjong machine
Jan 07, 2018

Generally speaking, Mah Jong's cheating is mainly achieved by Mah Jong and auxiliary tools, or the functions of the mahjong machine itself with cheating. General mahjong machine function is relatively simple, mainly with shuffle, stack, card and other functions, cheating mahjong function is generally complex. There are two main kinds of mahjong machines in the market, one is remote control, the other is induction. The remote-controlled mahjong machine refers to the internal installation of some parts of the mahjong machine, which can be used for the control of shuffling and cheating. Generally, there are peripheral circuits. Mainly by installing the chip inside the mahjong machine, the mahjong machine is manipulated through the program. Induction is the function of the mahjong machine or some place, and touch can have the possibility of cheating. Or use a magnet to suck the dice, which is easy to cheat and so on. Generally the most advanced cheats remote control machine is through the installation chip, through the computer remote control. It is difficult to notice that there is a cheat at the time of playing. In addition to the outside mahjong mahjong machine, also can cheat, some mahjong mahjong above some not obvious mark, but this is rarely used. The other is to make "hands and feet" on the material of the mahjong machine. We call it white mahjong, which can be cheated by wearing contact lenses. The average person doesn't see cheating at all.

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