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Precautions for the main board wiring of the mahjong machine
Jan 09, 2018


Keep a certain distance between the magnetic signal lines, signal lines, stalls and closed motor lines, not tied together to prevent interference;

2, each line should wear a hose wiring, so as to avoid the wire being crushed by the motor, and at the same time, it is also convenient for maintenance to find fault.

3, paste after firmly tied cloth, not loose, and keep a certain distance with the mechanical transmission mechanism, transmission mechanism to prevent scratch;

4. The azimuth must be recognized, otherwise the mahjong machine will not work properly.

5, pay attention to the positive and reversal of the motor;

6, to prevent the plug connector holing, dislocation, or easy to damage the sensor etc.

7, the connector should be fully inserted to prevent virtual contact, otherwise the mahjong machine will not work properly.

Contact:: Haley Niu   

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