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Mahjong Notes
Mar 11, 2015

1, the mahjong table should be kept clean, usable vacuum cleaner or brush often countertops, center wheel machine to clean the dirt pile with care spray wax scrub away the track and the corners of the plate.

2, the tiles should be kept clean, smooth, apply spray wax after use to scrub.

3, the machine motion artifacts, such as pushing the sign slider, slider lift flat push should remain flexible, may be appropriate to add a little grease (oil), if necessary, but not free of excessive fuel.

4, often with a small brush to remove photoelectric switch, to avoid dust accumulation King affect photoelectric switch sensitivity.

1, the game is complete, all of the cards rose tops removed, another place. Then turn off the power switch, do not leave the card in the machine for a long time.

2. Do not apply any powders, oils on the card, keep the tiles clean.

3. Do not use a sharp instrument panel and center disk contact, in order to avoid surface damage.

4, do not suffer long mahjong sunlight, moisture erosion, so as not to affect the results.

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