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Mahjong Machine Maintenance - Daily Maintenance
Sep 16, 2018

3. Mahjong machine maintenance - routine maintenance

(1) When shuffling, if it is found that each motor and its mechanical parts are not flexible, the action is slow, check whether the chain motor pulls smoothly one by one, whether the lifting rod is lifted or not, whether the stacking mechanism is stacked, whether the push card is correct, etc. After troubleshooting, find the reason, you can start the corresponding repair or replace the gadget.

(2) When shuffling, you can check whether the work of each light eye is normal in advance. If you find hidden dangers, please solve them in time, don't drag.

(3) If the magnetic strength of the card is weakened, the guide plates of the large, medium and small guides are not smooth, and it feels like stuck. First check whether the transition is a card. If there is, check whether the exit of the card is small, and adjust it appropriately.

(4) Regularly check the connectors of the power supply and the motor to prevent various potential faults and avoid minor problems during use.

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