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Mahjong machine failure causes and solutions
May 23, 2018

1, mahjong magnetic weakly sucking cards, for mahjong cards.

2, stir the card pull spring does not touch somewhere horizontal, the tension spring adjust the length and hardness to make it hit the horizontal card and can not play, resting on the 04 scissors groove up and down.

3, the card in the shuffled tile between the tiles, adjusting the tile and shuffling plate gap between the import gap 2.5 and the export gap is slightly larger.

4, the card stuck in the scissors groove or 04 rails, adjust the width of the scissors slot to make it less than the length of the mahjong tile 4mm adjust the height of the scissors slot to make the gap between the magnetic ring and the 23-24. 5mm to avoid the lateral import guide rail.

5, broken tendon bar, touch the card, replace the tendon bar.

6,04 rails export pressure card shift, block card, adjust and fix the pressure card to make it with the mahjong card and then there is a 0.5-1 gap.

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Contact:: Haley Niu   

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