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International trend of Chinese Mahjong Enterprises
Jan 01, 2018

The true meaning of the internationalization of enterprises, should have five conditions: first, the allocation of resources to achieve globalization; second, the world's leading product quality; third, world-class product development ability; fourth, have a large number of international personnel; fifth, a strong brand influence. Five conditions are short of one. If this standard is used to measure the Chinese Mahjong enterprise, there is no real international enterprise. One of the reasons is because the international background is too complex, China is the biggest market of mahjong, mahjong culture is special, so to spread in the world, it is still very tortuous. But as the main problems of the enterprise itself, the two aspects are the lack of product competitiveness and the small brand influence. Haier boss Zhang Ruimin has a brilliant discussion. He said, "the cost of Chinese enterprises to enter the United States is great, but if they do not enter the US, the cost will be greater." With the development of global economic integration, many enterprises in China are going to go out and compete with world-class players. For example, Japan, the first Mah Jong machine in the world, is said to have been in the top eight machines.


“Treyo”, a sub-brand of Matsuoka Mechatronics (China) Co., Ltd., was founded in 1995. Located in Xiaoshan Economic and Technology Development District, Hangzhou City, the company is one of the largest full-automatic mahjong table manufacturers in the world.

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