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How to tell if the automatic mahjong table is good or bad?
May 13, 2018

The first step: look at the surface of the mahjong table

    A good mahjong machine is more sophisticated in appearance (such as the operating panel, table cloth, plastic frame, feet, etc. are all very fine materials and thick).

The second step: look at the internal structure

   The internal structure of a good machine is well-assembled and tightly sealed between the joints after assembly. It is difficult to be removed by hand when moving, and the material is smooth.

Step 3: Look at the speed of shuffling

   A good mahjong machine (four machines) generally has a time between 30-50 seconds. It is neither fast nor too slow (it is not possible to use the stopwatch on the operation panel and calculate the actual time). The speed is too fast; it is the manufacturer who intends to increase the speed of the motor and increase the selling point of the product. In fact, the speed of the motor is both quick to fail and reduce the service life. On the other hand, it's too slow to be a good machine; because machines that are too slow have manufacturers stealing materials from magnets. At present, the price of magnets has increased greatly. Many manufacturers have made hands and feet on magnets. Magnets play an important role in automatic mahjong machines. The role.

   In fact, speed does not mean much to the mahjong table. Don't listen to those businesses. They will generally tell you that shuffling is a good machine. Playing mahjong will be the fastest at least 3-5 minutes or more, as long as you can manage the cards within one minute to fully meet the entertainment requirements.

Step 4: Look at the overall configuration of the machine

   Now the technology of mahjong tables has basically matured. The key to the quality of mahjong mahjong machines depends on the configuration of the whole machine. Currently, most of the parts and components for mahjong machine factories are supplied by the suppliers.

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