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How to identify the mahjong machine cheating
Jan 07, 2018

First, the market is the mainstream of remote control and sensing two (remote control is equipped with selected mahjong mahjong machine and peripheral circuit, Paitou and special induction is the integration of the remote control, the mahjong machine under induction, touch), shutdown reopen can be lifted, you can see the dice by strong magnet.

The second is to use white light mahjong and contact lenses. This can only be seen when you play mahjong experience. White light mahjong is usually useless after a week to a month, just like normal mahjong (mahjong machine has a dedicated white light mahjong).

Third, there is the signal you do mahjong, carefully can see small dots for example, mahjong 1-9 million, down very regular (this way is very popular a few years ago, now is clodhoppers).

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